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Construction Gravel Rocks

Gravel Road Perks


Many people love their gravel roads for various reasons. Gravel roads often reduce traffic speed, making them ideal for those looking to slow speed on their property. In addition, many like the appearance of gravel roads, since they are much more quaint than regularly paved roads. Gravel roads need to be continually maintained, but many consumers find the money they save initially, by not having the road fully paved, worthwhile.

Gravel Vs Aggregate


Many people working on construction projects for the first time are confused about the difference between aggregate and gravel. Aggregate encompasses many coarse particulates, from sand to recycled concrete to gravel itself. So gravel is a subcategory of aggregate? Exactly! That's the real difference between gravel and aggregate, which you may sometimes hear used seemingly interchangeably. Gravel is aggregate, but aggregate is not necessarily gravel. When offered aggregate, specify gravel. When offered gravel, think aggregate.

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Often there is no change in completion time when gravel is used; sometimes gravel saves time. For example, all roads are constructed from paved gravel. If a contractor decides to create a gravel road, he will leave it unpaved. In this way, sometimes gravel can save time. However, gravel often takes more time to maintain throughout its lifespan; for example, gravel roads may lose rock over time and need to be replenished yearly.

Creating Gravel


The process of creating gravel is more involved than one might think. For example, not all rocks are considered appropriate material for gravel. Those that are include:

  • Granite
  • Sandstone
  • Limestone & dolomite
  • Basalt
  • Crimson stone

Gravel is a mixture of these broken and worn stone types and sand. To learn more about each type, please read our article titled, “Types of Construction Gravel,” available through the navigation bar.